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IndSTT Role in Standardization of Trenchless Technology


Technique Standardization :-

Effectiveness of any new technology like Trenchless Technology insures that its business grows exponentially. The quality management however becomes a challenging task. As there is possibility that parts of the work being done may lack quality & result in lower customer satisfaction. Among several reason for this challenge, absence of standards & code of practice is a major issue, which ails the overall functioning. In India the situation is now fast approaching and the Indian Industry, therefore needs a well defined Code of practice/practices, articulating & embodying various operation. To meet the market aspirations IndSTT has been involved actively in several projects for standardizing the Techniques. A few of them are: 

  1. Development of Code of Practice for Design and Installation of Natural Gas Pipelines;

  2. Establishment of Working Group for Developing Standards & Specifications of Trenchless Technology Techniques, suitable to Indian Conditions.

If you require to commission any project to standardize the technique in Indian or South Asian region please contact us.

We would be interested to develop  Reports, or conduct Researches or Studies, support Promoting all or any Trenchless Technique or Trenchless Product or Trenchless Event through stakeholder sensitization in India or other South Asian Nations.